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Chase Morris Foundation

The Chase Morris Foundation was established in honor of Chase Morris, who was 16-years-old when he collapsed after a day filled with sports activities in Grove, OK, on May 20, 2013.  Following Chase’s death, The Chase Morris Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded to raise awareness and offer screenings to help with early diagnosis of heart issues in student athletes.  An autopsy following Chase's death identified that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart, which was never diagnosed. 


A large number of young student athletes with heart issues go undetected through routine school physicals each year and the number of sudden deaths is staggering. Most go undetected because an EKG or Echocardiogram is required to identify the condition.


Ultimately many prove fatal to these young students. Some countries, such as Italy, have required testing since 1982 and deaths have been reduced by almost 90%.  Last year over 10,000 students died from cardiac issues.


Additionally, the Foundation supports the Chase Morris Scholarship Fund. The Play for Chase scholarship was established following Chase’s death.



The Chase Morris Foundation is dedicated to raising community awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in students, saving lives by sponsoring youth heart screenings and educating the public on CPR and AED skills throughout Oklahoma.



  • Raise public awareness regarding heart conditions and sudden cardiac arrest in the young.

  • Provide low or no-cost cardiovascular screenings for high school student athletes throughout Oklahoma

  • Detect cardiovascular conditions with the potential for sudden cardiac death in the young.

  • Establish accessible sites for individuals identified with heart conditions warranting medical follow-up.

  • Promote CPR and AED education for all high school students.

  • Provide a unique training opportunity for medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians to gain experience in cardiovascular screening in the young.


Saving lives, one heart at a time...


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