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Chase Morris

7/1/96 - 5/20/13

“What’s worth doing in life is worth doing with passion!” - Chase Morris

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One high school athlete suffers a Sudden Cardiac Arrest every THREE days in the United States.
Is a simple sports physical enough?


The Chase Morris Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in students and saving lives through community education and awareness events, promoting youth heart screenings, educating the public on CPR and AED skills, donating automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to youth-based organizations and donating student scholarships throughout Oklahoma. 


The Chase Morris Foundation provides programs to foster a community awareness of SCA and help lessen its hidden potential to strike children and young adults at any time.


On average, a seemingly healthy young person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest every three days in the US.  It is the leading cause of death in exercising young athletes. In most cases of sudden cardiac arrest, cardiac abnormalities are not detected, there are no warning signs, and unless a normal heart rhythm is restored within minutes, death is the end result.


We welcome all involvement and assistance from those seeking to assist in campaign awareness and fundraising for the foundation.​ We sponsor a golf tournament and a silent auction/dinner annually to assist with funding our screening programs and education, as well as the placement of AED devices in schools.


Saving lives, one heart at a time…

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